Specials Pharmacy Production Unit

Product Catalogue

Manufacturer and supplier of unlicensed medicines (Specials) across the United Kingdom

Whether you’re ordering on behalf of an NHS hospital, community pharmacy and/or a wholesale dealer, we have an extensive catalogue of unlicensed medicines available.

Newcastle Specials is a manufacturer and supplier of bespoke, unlicensed medicines (commonly known as Specials) benefit thousands of patients across the UK every day including; those who cannot swallow tablets, are allergic to drug excipients, cannot eat or require medicines in different concentrations, formulations or strengths than those available as licensed medicines.

In such circumstances a Special will be prescribed by a doctor, which ultimately leads (often via a pharmacist) to the production of a bespoke medicine made to meet the specific clinical needs of a patient.

All medicines in the UK are governed by strict checks and guidelines to make sure they are safe and effective.

We continually review our product range to ensure manufacture of high quality medicines which meet specialist requirements and provide value for money for our Trust and external customers.

Our products are listed on the Pro-File database, a medicines information site to help users identify and source unlicensed specials. Access is available to NHS pharmacy staff who can register at the following web link: Profile NHS Database

Supplier of quality assured Over-labelled medicines

Newcastle Specials provides a quality assured over labelled medicines service to a number of customers across the UK. We can offer:-

  • Repackaging Services
  • Quality assured product over-labelling
  • Overlabelling of unlicensed medicines
  • Bespoke label layouts
  • Full audit and pharmacovigilance under Qualified Person supervision
  • Processed under GMP protocols from MHRA licensed facilities
  • Rapid turn-around times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Seamless process from purchase to production to patient
  • Contract and non-contract products
  • Personal, bespoke service from a dedicated team.